Surplus inventory is an asset often overlooked by an organization. For various reasons, it often becomes waste since it is not properly managed, reused, or maintained. Summus Industries has developed a process for managing surplus inventory that's efficient and can save your organization money.

How Summus Industries Manages Surplus Inventory

As the trusted managers for the surplus inventory of a multi-hospital health system in Texas, we have put our experience and proprietary technology in materials management to work. We are able to provide the following services:

  • Surplus inventory management
  • Warehouse management & staffing
  • Product fulfillment
  • Pick up and delivery of equipment and supplies from various locations
  • Records management
  • Sale/auction of unneeded items

Surplus Inventory Management Solution (SIMS)

Our customers benefit from the proprietary process improvements and software technology built for this purpose. Our solution makes it possible to:

  • View surplus condition, quantity, and image
  • Order or request items from inventory 
  • Easily convert surplus components into recovered value.
  • Rigorous inventory control
  • Records management
  • Integrate financial transactions into existing systems

Why Summus Industries for Materials Management?

We have created a process that results in making surplus inventory more visible to the entire organization so that it can be reused and/or marketed for sale to improve return on asset investments. Ultimately this reduces spending on items that may already be available. It can even generate revenue on usable items that can be sold once they're no longer needed.

Want more information on how we can help your organization identify, manage and even profit from surplus inventory?