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Get to Know Summus Industries

Who we are and what we do go beyond the products and services we provide. It’s about the shared moments we have with our customers and the essence of the Summus experience.

Our Purpose is to Make Your Vision a Reality!


Providing industry expertise and excelling in customer service.


Offering best-in-class technology solutions and lifecycle management.


Enabling our customers to simplify and streamline procurement and meet their strategic spending goals.


Growing and fostering employee excellence.​

Our Success Starts With Our Core Values

Prioritize Relationships

We value in long-term relationships ahead of short-term gains.

We will remain agile and responsive to our customer’s and partner’s goals.

We acknowledge the importance of our reputation to our growth and success.

Value Our Employees

We value teamwork and collaboration.

We encourage the sharing of new ideas and efficiencies.

We focus on employee development and retention.

Strive for Excellence

We provide our customers with superior end to end services and support.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We believe we are stronger because of the diversity of our experiences and ideas.

Demonstrate Integrity

We will be honest and fair in all that we do.

We will always do the right thing even when it’s the hard thing.

We will hold ourselves accountable when situations do not go as planned.

Making an Impact In Our Community and Beyond

Through a dedicated focus on volunteerism, philanthropy, and a genuine spirit of community engagement, we aspire to leave a lasting mark that goes far beyond the confines of our organizational footprint.

Meet the Team

Discover the people behind Summus Industries. Our team is dedicated to driving excellence, fostering innovation, and ensuring the success of our customers.