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Seamless Technology Solutions for Your Success


Your Partner Every Step of the Way

At Summus Technologies, we go beyond providing products; we offer a holistic service experience. From managed services to workshops, we are committed to being your dedicated partner in enhancing your technology landscape.


How We Make Technology Implementation a Seamless Process

Lifecycle Management

End-to-End Synchronization

Picture this: seamless orchestration of asset contracts, impeccable management of contract renewals, and a holistic overview of your entire asset lifecycle. Our approach is not just strategic; it's a game-changer in handling the complete spectrum of assets within your organization, from their initial acquisition to retirement.

Lifecycle Management


Empowering Your Team for Success

Knowledge is power. Our Education Services empower your team with the skills and insights needed to leverage technology effectively. From training programs to workshops, we ensure your workforce is well-equipped for the digital landscape.

Looking for Something Else?

We are dedicated to your success, explore our range of offerings designed to enhance the value of your technology investments.


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Need to Purchase Through a Contract?

Doing business and buying your technology solutions from Summus Industries is easy. We participate in multiple state, regional, and national public sector contracts that are open to government and Education customers.