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Decentralized Billing Created for TAMU Creates Smoother Procurement Process

Fabiola Tillman
by Fabiola Tillman on December 16, 2019

TAMUlogoThe Challenge: 

  • AggieBuy, powered by Jaggaer, was used for Dell purchases by all 18 TAMU Campuses.
  • Each campus placed their own orders, but by using a single ordering system it presented Dell with the orders as if they were coming from the main campus.
  • Because of this, all invoices were sent to the main campus where the procurement team had to sort through Dell invoices to determine where they should be allocated.

The Solution:

Summus Industries was able to create an easier way for Dell invoices to be associated with the correct campus. 

  • A new interface was developed by Summus Industries that created a step between the order entry process in Aggie Buy and Dell’s receipt of the orders.
  • By creating PartnerLink, we were able to create a billing code for each campus. When orders were placed it was now possible to:
    • Indicate which campus ordered the items.
    • Create an invoice that was specific to the campus that placed the order.
  • Partnerlink, created by Summus Industries, would then interface with Dell to place the orders, generate the invoices and get payment made quicker than the previous process.

The Results:

Creating this custom system for Texas A&M University allowed:

  1. More time for the procurement team to spend on strategic activities for their own campus. 
  2. Reporting on spending with Dell was broken out by the specific location.
  3. Less time required by IT teams that weren’t a part of the original order.
  4. Less money spent to produce this custom solution compared to other options.


Image credit: Texas A&M University Twitter

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