Protecting cloud-based workloads

is an industry-wide challenge


Canva Design DAFa2AHCIG0struggle to find data protection for SaaS applications

94%struggle to find data protection for Cloud Native apps

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of organizations choose cloud deployments (public, private, and/or hybrid) for new applications

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of organizations give public cloud as much or more consideration as-on-premises infrastructure true for new applications

Global Data Protection Index: Global Results for Cloud Infrastructure, December 2019  Vanson Bourne was commissioned by Dell Technologies to survey 1,000 IT decision makers across  15 countries globally on their data protection strategies, their approaches to data protection in cloud  environments, and the relative preparedness of their businesses in cases of disruption




Dell APEX Backup Services
for SaaS Apps
Mitigate the risk of data loss, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data visibility
Workloads Supported

Microsoft 365

Google Workspace 


Dell APEX Backup Services Overview

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Dell APEX Backup Services

Data protection for SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid workloads

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Secure and Scalable Platform: 100%, SaaS, no infrastructure to manage

Workloads Supported: SaaS applications including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce

Compliance and Governance: Long-term retention

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