Summus Industries End-User IT Outsourcing Services provides a full suite of managed IT services.

As part of a project, or on an incident basis, the Summus Industries End-User IT Outsourcing Services (DIR-CPO-5033) contract provides access to skilled resources across a range of IT services.

How End-User IT Outsourcing Services Benefit Your Business

Summus-Arrow-Orange  Maximize Your Internal Resources

Summus-Arrow-Orange Meet Your Deadline

Summus-Arrow-Orange Gain Control of Your Budget

The three primary service categories include Management, Support, and Technology  Services.

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End-User IT Outsourcing
DIR Contract No. DIR-CPO-5033

Management Services



Provisioning of Equipment

Desktop Outsourcing Services

Asset Tracking Services



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Support Services

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Service Desk
Move, Adds, & Changes
Remote Support Services
Standard & Ad Hoc Reporting
Break/Fix/Maintenance Services
Unwind/End of Engagement Services


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Technology Services

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Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) Services

Network Management Services

Software Services

Security Services


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Account Executive Managed Services

All products listed on this page are part of the
DIR Cooperative Contracts program.

Customers purchasing services under this Contract shall negotiate pricing directly with the vendor in accordance with the Customer's Statement of Work.

Do not limit the possibilities of your IT journey  because of budget concerns. Maintain control of your projects by considering a predictable monthly payment and avoid a large upfront investment.